Why Would Someone Make an Album?

by Noah Britton/Request Freebird

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Most of these songs appear in the Netflix documentary 'Asperger's Are Us' and the HBO series 'On Tour with Asperger's Are Us'


released April 25, 2019

All songs written and sung by Noah Britton. Guitar by Noah Britton except where noted.

Thomas - cello(3,4,5), drums(1,2,3,4,6), bass(1,2,4,5,6), guitar(6), engineering, production
Eric - Cello(1,6), drums(5), shaker(3,4), melodica(3), acoustic guitar(3), co-engineering(2,3), mixing

Mastered by Eric Hochwald


all rights reserved



Request Freebird Boston, Massachusetts

Noah, Thomas and Eric. Formerly ACLU Benefit.

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Track Name: Request Freebird - "Here Lies Rockin' Bob"

People don't you know

I'm gonna kill myself




So I'll have to keep singing

so tomorrow never comes.

if I play this song every night

i'll never see the deadline

Yeah, i'll keep movin' the deadline.

People don't ya know

you can see me play tomorrow?

Even if I don't

have a booked show,

somewhere i'll be singin.

I have to sing every day.

Even if no one's listenin I know it's the only way.

Yeah, music makes me have to stay.

People don't you know

if you sing this tomorrow

I'll live forever,

if you keep playin my songs? I know

they're all I can give you

for after i'm gone.

I don't want children so that's all that's left of me when I pass on.

Yeah my songs are all that's left when I pass on

People don't you know

when you sing you're never old?
Track Name: Request Freebird - I Don't Wanna Ever Stop Singin' Loud
then G down a string-
then that down 2 frets)

I dont wanna (2)
ever stop singin loud


The neighbors don't like the noise

but I won't give them any choice


you may not like my set

but I'm not done singing yet


one day i'll be 6 feet in the ground

but until then i'm in love with the sound

corse (barre chords)

we don't wanna ever stop singing loud
Track Name: Request Freebird - Gimme a Beer

When I forget why I haven't died
or I feel nothing inside
or I wonder why I ever tried
don't wait for me to decide
gimme a beer
hmm hmm hmm hmhm
gimme a beer
If I'm not dancing crazy enough
or I'm complaining that life is rough
or I'm afraid to appear tough
don't even ask if I want that stuff
just (chorus)
Track Name: Request Freebird - I'm Gonna Get Somebody
(power chords:


Going out to party

I'm gonna dance

and meet somebody

to find romance


I'm gonna get somebody (3)

I wore my best outfit

my hair looks great

my moves are perfect

i'll be swamped with dates


Everyone will be jealous

all the ladies and fellas

and everyone else

i'm jealous of myself

cuz (corse)

Maybe it won't be that great

and just last the night.

Maybe it'll be perfect

and last the rest of my life

Track Name: Request Freebird - Woohoo
(G-C-Bb power chords)
The next time you hear this song what will you have accomplished?
Will you have finally become what you always wished?
Will you be smarter and stronger and more able to do
the stuff that makes you happy, too?

(A power chord strum the strings from low to high)
Woohoo (4)

(G-C-Bb power chords)
Your homework assignment before you hear this again
is think about something you wanna change and make it happen
This song'll remind you what to do
No one's gonna babysit you


(Em-up an octave-B7E7-B7E9)
I can't make your decisions
if you don't listen
you'll never get better (repeat)
you gotta get better (verse)

The last time you heard this song what did you want to change?
Did you start on it that day how much progress have you really made?
Since I last sang this song I hope i'm in better shape
If not, i'll start today


I can't make your decisions
I can't make you listen

You gotta make it happen (repeat)
You gotta make it happen
Track Name: Request Freebird - When I Rock, I Rock

When I rock I rock

and when I dance I dance

and when I talk I talk

I never miss a chance

cuz life is too short (2)

That’s what I used to say

I don’t think I ever lived that way

I’m sorry I lied to you

I never knew that I could live

any better way So you must forgive me cuz

I used to say

When I rock I rock

And when I dance I dance

And when I talk I talk
I never miss a chance

but now it is too late

See the thing is I was lying

I kept lamenting things I never tried

And now I’ve wasted so much time

I spent so many years trying to

run from all the things I needed to do

It was pathetic

I never knew that I needed to

get a job and have something to do

not for itself but because I needed to

I am a young smart man

I’m so capable you understand

But I don’t do anything with that

I spent 23 years sitting alone in my room

Wishing for the perfect thing to do

How bout that

Every day I shirked my responsibility

so I never worked

a day in my life

I never went down to the

volunteer homeless shelter and said

I’ll work for free

But I’m tired of living that way

I think I’ve given up today

I will accept my responsibility

I will no longer waste my life

You see it’s not worth it to wait

Nothing will come that’s perfect

So When I rock I rock

And when I dance I dance

And when I talk I talk

I’ll never miss a chance

cuz now I understand

When I rock I rock

And when I dance I dance

And when I talk I talk

I’ll never miss a chance again

Even tho I’m just a young man

When I rock I rock

And when I dance I dance

And when I talk I talk

I’ll never miss a chance

Cuz My life is too short

Not in that theoretical way

that romantic bullshit can go away

I think I understand life now

I’ve been paralyzed with indecision

I don’t understand why the division

Between what I wanted and what I knew

Was right because I spent my life

running from the things I heard were right

and from what was true

But now I’ll turn my life around

And never get all down

and say I wish that I were dead

I can’t believe I spent so many evenings

sitting in my head

and waiting to die

So When I rock I rock

And when I dance I dance

And when I talk I talk

I’ll never miss a chance

Cuz my life is too short (2)

(Instrumental breakdown)
Track Name: Noah Britton - Love Your Family

How old do you have to get
before you're honest with your parents
and can tell them about the time Kate
broke your heart without getting embarrassed?
How old do you have to turn before you see you're no longer a teenager,
take your anger, burn it up, and leave those grudges forever?

How old do you have to grow
before you see your mom's an old lady
who's probably all alone
and definitely misses her baby?
How old do you have to get
before both your parents die
and you're left saying
I wish, I wish, I wish, I...?

How old do you have to get before you see yourself in your family
and start to love them for it
as your closest connection out of all humanity?
How long has to pass by
before you tell your dad and mom
"I'm sorry. I love you. Thanks for the things you did right.
You're forgiven for what you did wrong."
Track Name: Noah Britton - A Complete Explanation of All Life

Dun Dun Dun Dun Dun Dun Dun (x5)
I was born knowing nothing everyone around me was teaching stuff some of which was important most of which doesn't matter

then I grew and felt my mom become a stranger and that was fine and I got out of her damn home to make my life my own (dun dun dun etc.)

I screwed around in my 20's I met so many pretty ladies and then one day I found one I said I would like to marry

when that ended I settled down i've got the best deal in the town a friend who really likes me now and maybe will forever (dun dun dun etc.)

but i'll still walk to korn concerts they might be great I might get hurt and come home with lots of blisters and sore muscle smiles

this will continue for a while then i'll see i'm not still a child and we'll say hey that was the best until the end arrives. (dun dun dun etc.)

one day there will be a grave with my name on it and a date and underneath that it will say “help i'm still alive” (dun dun dun etc.)
Track Name: Noah Britton - Why Do I Do This? (live)
(Capo 4


Why do I do this? (repeat forever)

Is it that I love singin'

more than anythin'?

Or do I just need attention

for reinforcin

the way we were raised

in nineteen eighty eight,

Cuz I was taught

that only losers are not on top?

How much would I give up

just to keep doin this stuff?

Would I sell the integrity I had

and let them put me in an ad

just for more big shows

and can I stop them if the answer's no?
Track Name: Noah Britton - We Will Hold You (When You Fall Down)
We Will Hold You When You Fall Down
(verse lyrics improvised every time)
Track Name: Noah Britton - 43 Cents
I can't look in the mirror

so i'll just stand here
countin' all my change

you know it's so strange
that I have
43 cents
cuz it feels like
I already spent
I ever had

I can't face myself
until you want to as well
but you never will again
you said we can't remain friends
after i
told you i'm sorry
so though
my pockets are heavy
i've lost
everything I had

so i'll just stand here
wishin I could afford a beer
but i've only got 43 cents
cuz I already spent
the night
in the wrong place
at the wrong face
I lost everything I had
Track Name: Noah Britton - I Love You So Much
I can't draw
I can't paint
I can't write
I'll never be a saint
But I can sing
and I can say
(Asus up an octave)
I love you so much (3)

I can't read
your favorite philosophies
I can't sculpt
something beautiful for you to see

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